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Our food menue

O'Toole's Schmiede offers a unique concept, combining Irish and Franconian tradition.

Not only our name is Irish-Franconian, but also our owner couple-Mark O'Toole, who is born Irish, and his Franconian wife.
Ireland and Franconia unite in O'Toole's Schmiede to an unique experience.

Here you don't only find Irish and Scottish Whisk(e)y, but also Franconian one!
You are not only allowed to enjoy traditional Irish food, but you also get to enjoy our unique combination of
Irish-Franconian food, combined to special dishes.
But also the little hunger gets satisfied with bar food and snacks.
Besides typical drinks you also find Mead-mideval honeywine, as well as several other unique drinks and cocktails!
And the best: our Mead consists of 100% natural ingredients!
That's what you taste in its delicious flavour!